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The Franz Family – Adoption Level – Helper

Meagan adopted this project as a Christmas present to her family. “We used to read stories to the little kids every night before bed. Story time was always a favorite, which is why I thought the 3 Reading Rooms in Laos would be the perfect project for them. Now other families can experience the joys of story time too! Merry Christmas Mom, Court, Alex, Lizzie, Boris, and Sammy! I love you guys!” -Meagan

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Betty Film
Betty Film – Adoption Level – Guide

This is me at my 80th birthday party – a costume party! I grew up very poor but was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to make a better life for myself. I want others to have opportunites.

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Dad and Kathleen for adopt a project1
John H. Keller – Adoption level – Traveler

John Keller is a retired physicist who lives in Newburgh, NY with his wife Kathleen. They are involved in many social causes that strive to help communities to help themselves.

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Dad and Kathleen for adopt a project1

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